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ZTGameDomain – Dead Rising Review

While the challenge is a welcome change of pace from the slew of unbelievably easy games that we’ve seen released lately, it seems that the developers are just milking the game for replay value. [Read Full...
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Eurogamer – Dead Rising Review

It may not be licensed by George A. Romero, but it was certainly inspired by him, and it replicates a lot of the feelings he inspired in the viewer. [Read Full...
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Armchair Empire – Dead Rising Review

Though Dead Rising pulls its inspiration from the George Romero classic Dawn of the Dead, the expected hokiness of the plot and dialogue is surprisingly absent (same for any obvious social commentary). [Read Full...
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AceGamez – Dead Rising Review

With excellent sound, superb graphics, an intriguing and entertaining storyline and a very solid fighting engine, Dead Rising is a great action title with some very odd choices in game structure that will likely infuriate you, but shouldn’t stop you from playing what is otherwise a great game...
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Deeko – Dead Rising Review

The level of destruction I’ve left behind is something to behold. Broken windows, plants, smashed benches and trash bins are just a few things that have been zombie magnets. I wonder who pays for all of this...
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