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VGPub – Dead Rising Review

Dead Rising was the closest to a perfect original game that has been made in quite some time. It’s unfortunate that the game was weighed down by bad decisions and poor...
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1UP – Dead Rising Review

A relentlessly inventive game worth the price of entry…The experience is flawed — some might say hampered — by the save system and curiously designed game structure. But whether you ‘get it’ or not, Dead Rising nevertheless provides a wealth of secrets and mysteries for both...
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GamePro – Dead Rising Review

The expansive environments are divided by too-frequent load screens, the story elements fall limp more often than not, and corralling idiotic survivors can try your patience, but the visceral thrill of taking zombies apart is so varied and enjoyable that such disappointments are forgiven. Dead Rising...
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Games Radar (in-house) – Dead Rising Review

It’s this severe push for gamers to be determined and persistent enough to explore every nook and cranny in Dead Rising that makes it either a splendid, geeky Pandora’s Box full of unrelenting challenge and rewards or controller-smashingly difficult because of its hardcore...
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Gaming Nexus – Dead Rising Review

Dead Rising is an action-packed romp through a mall full of zombies. If that’s not a recipe for a good time then you’ve never mowed down a group of zombies with an actual lawn mower! [Read Full...
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