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games(TM) – Dead Rising Review

Brimming with character, with the power to shock you, make you laugh and send you into a testosterone-fuelled rage in just five minutes, it’s a genuine showcase for the power of 360 and the ingenuity of Capcom. This is next-gen...
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Times Online – Dead Rising Review

Zombie hunters beware, though. The vibrating handsets make being caught an unpleasant experience. [Read Full...
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PALGN – Dead Rising Review

Capcom’s “sheer numbers” approach to the zombie game, along with a refreshing level of variety and just a hint of campiness results in Dead Rising being a heck of a lot of fun. [Read Full...
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Boomtown – Dead Rising Review

At the end of the day you get a very good game here, albeit a bit on the short side at about 5 hours long. [Read Full...
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NTSC-uk – Dead Rising Review

Despite the gripes and bugs which could have done with polishing out (such as bosses refusing to die when on zero health, clipping of people through walls/clothing and suddenly respawning zombies), Dead Rising still manages to be an obscene amount of fun and offer some exemplary gaming moments. [Read Full...
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