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Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer – Slicecycles

Slicecycles, it’s what seperates the winners from the not-winners and is a great equalizer for the final victor.

The points total from the past three rounds simply determine who will be able to go first in the endgame, again much like the Eliminator in Gladiators (or American Gladiators or so on so forth). The initial first-place player gets all the time the round offers, while subsequent places will be delayed by a few seconds depending on their score so far.

In this mode, players will ride dual chainsaw-equipped motorcycles. I’ll give you a minute to mull that over. If you don’t think this is awesome watch the video above again. If you still don’t think this is awesome click that little red box in the top right there.

The goal is to run over as many zombies as possible, with bigger ones offering bonus points. Ultimately, this becomes inconsequential, as the “bonus round” floods the screen with zombies (and ground-pounding death traps). These last seconds offer so many points, that all of the round (and game)’s earlier efforts go to waste.

Why they didn’t make this the only game I don’t know, but hey it’s fun while it lasts.